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When choosing your ski school lessons book the class you think best applies to your ability. Your instructor, having evaluated your ability, may advise moving you to a different class that best suits your needs.

"The most fun I had all week, made lots of friends and laughed constantly!"

David Evans
David Evans EGSW Regular

Ski & Snowboard Classes

BEGINNERS CLASS Beginner You have never skied before, it is time for you to learn the skiing fundamentals, and feel your first sliding sensations.
CLASS 1 Completed Beginners Class You know how to take a ski lift, do snow-plough turns on a GREEN slope. Learn how to turn with more confidence and improve until you reach parallel skiing.
CLASS 2 Low Intermediate You sideslip and do long curves turning with parallel skis. You feel comfortable on BLUE slopes. Improve, get the right rhythm and confidence.
CLASS 3 Intermediate You know how to parallel turn on every kind of slope, it is now time to master all curves, large turns, and wedeln(short fall line turns).
CLASS 4 Advanced You go from small curves to long turns on all kind of slopes. You will discover new areas and all types of snow. You will go off-piste and practice slalom.

times & prices

BEGINNERS CLASS Ski or Snowboard 2 hours every morning (10:30 - 12:30) & 2 hours every afternoon (14:30 - 16:30) Sunday - Thursday 200€
SKI CLASSES 1 - 4 Beginner to Advanced 2 hours 45 minutes each morning (10:00 - 12:45) Monday - Friday 150€
SNOWBOARD CLASS Non-Beginners 2 hours 45 minutes each morning (10:00 - 12:45) Monday - Friday 150€