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Gay Ski Week Shared Accommodation Packages for Singles, Couples.

From 499€ per person including: Accommodation, 6 day Lift Pass and Event Pass.

Our shared accommodation packages are designed to give you the opportunity to come to EGSW and stay in whatever standard of accommodation that you want, but without having to take on the cost of whole apartment or a single occupancy hotel room. If you take these packages we arrange for you to share the accommodation of your choice with other guests who also wish to stay in the same standard of accommodation. If you are a group of between 4 and 6 people, booking the shared accommodation package, you should be allocated your own private apartment.
Double beds will be allocated to couples, and the single beds to individuals, who have booked the shared accommodation packages and all beds in the apartment will be occupied.

The Shared Accommodation Package is available for Singles, Couples, groups and offers a saving of in excess of 100€ per person in comparison to booking a specific apartment. The accommodation will be located in self catering studios or apartments in one of our Residence or Hotels. Approximately 10 days before the event we will let you know where you are staying in the resort
(all prices shown are per person and for 7 nights)

How the Shared Accommodation packages work

If you book as a couple you will be sharing a double bed*1 the particular room in the apartment that you will be allocated will depend on which room is equipped with the double bed, however it will be just you sleeping in that area*2.The additional empty places will be allocated most likely to other people who have booked the standard of accommodation and package as you.

If you are a single person making a booking in a shared studio, apartment you will be allocated a single bed in an apartment of the standard that you have booked sharing with between three and seven other people, who most likely will have booked the same standard of accommodation and package as you. If you have booked bed & breakfast in a shared twin room in a hotel, you will be sharing with one other person.

If you are two or three people either make one booking between you or book individually quoting the booking reference of the first person who booked in the box provided, then you will be put in the same apartment or room.*3

If you are a group of four people either make one booking for all four of you or book individually quoting the booking reference of the first person who booked in the box provided, then all four of you will be put in the same apartment or hotel.*4.

If you are a group of more than four people, the first four people need to book as set out in the paragraph above then once the first four have completed their booking, the other members of your group proceed and make their bookings quoting the booking reference of the first person in your group who booked, in the box provided. If there is up to seven of you, we will, if there is an apartment of that size available, arrange for you all to share one apartment. However this cannot be guaranteed and your group may be split between two apartments with some of you sharing with people from outside your group.

  • Couples get a double bed in a shared apartment 4* From 629€
  • Individuals get a single bed in a shared studio 2*, apartment or Hotel room From 499€

If, after you have booked you have a friend or friends who want to come, your friend(s) should quote your booking reference in the box provided and we will allocate them a place in the same apartment as you*4.  Sharing places are allocated on a first come first served basis until the accommodation is fully occupied.

Studio's & Apartments Keys

Some apartments will only have 2 keys available for the guests, regardless of the number of people staying in the apartment, in these circumstances all arrangements regarding the keys and access to the apartment must be made between the occupants of the apartment. We will provide the contact details of your fellow sharers in advance of the trip.

Visitors Tax

There is a visitors tax of between 0.70€ and 3€ per person per night and a damage deposit which will be payable in the resort direct to your accommodation provider. The occupants of the apartments are responsible for confirming with their residence the individual conditions that apply. Cleaning charges will be deducted from your deposit if these conditions are not met.

*  All shared accommodation package rates increase in line with the event pass rates.

*1 Subject to availability, if a double bed is not available you may be allocated two single beds. Please be aware in some apartments the double beds may be sofa beds.

*2 In some instances the double bed may be located in the living room

*3 Subject to availability

*4 If your group books as two couples or there are two couples within a group booking, it is very unlikely that you will be sharing the same apartment as most apartments only have one double bed.