Between Arcs 1950 ‘Le Village’ and Arc 2000 we have a wider selection of accommodation than we have ever had before. Arcs 1950 ‘Le Village’ and Arc 2000 have virtually the same access to the mountain and all the accommodation we have is either ski in ski out or within 100m of the piste or a lift. As for our events, some will be taking place in Arc 1950 ‘Le Village’ and some in Arc 2000, from an accessibility point of view it makes no difference where you stay as everything is close to everything.

Before you choose your accommodation, there is one detail you need to know:-


We are sure that we are offering the best possible prices to our Guests. We guarantee that whatever accommodation you choose you will not find it cheaper elsewhere and if you do we will refund the difference.

Les Arcs Accommodation view - Host Resort Villages 1950 & 2000

So how do you choose where to stay?

It you want 5 star facilities on your doorstep throughout the week, choose Arc 1950 ‘Le Village’ it could not be a more perfect ski resort if Walt Disney had designed it himself. If you would like to be at the heart of the event choose the EGSW host hotel the newly designated 4 star Club Altitude 2000.  For the best kept secret amongst the 5 star offerings check out La Sources des Arc and if you really need looking after completely with nothing left to chance and a service second to none  it’s the Taj I Mar Hotel.

For 4 star residences We have a choice of two, Cimes des Arcs on the Place Olympic and Residence Arolles adjacent to the EGSW host hotel. If you are in self catering accommodation and are taking our breakfast option, it will be served in our host hotel so your best choice will be Residence Arolles. If you are staying in our 5 star residences, the breakfast option will be available at a restaurant in Arc 1950 ‘Le Village’

All of our 3 star and 2 star accommodation will be in the residences surrounding the Place Olympic close to everything and sensibly priced and for those of you who want it, the breakfast option will be available at the EGSW Host Hotel.

What sort of package do you want?

There are three options available

Sole occupancy - You, on your own or with a group of friends want to stay in accommodation that is exclusively for you.
This is available with all Apartments and Hotel rooms.

Group occupancy – is quite simple, if you and a group of friends take an apartment and fully occupy all the beds within the apartment you will get a 20% discount on the price of your accommodation. This is available with all apartments in Arc 1950 ‘Le Village’ and our 4 star residences.

Shared accommodation package- you get the benefit of whatever standard of accommodation you would like to stay in but for the cost of just one bed in the apartment or hotel room and share it with a person or people you do not know. Included in this package is a 6 day lift pass and your event pass.
This is available for all accommodation except the Taj I Mah Hotel.

    Arcs 2000 - EGSW Host Village

    From 299.00€

    7 nights / per person
    From 299.00€

    Shared Accommodation Packages for individuals, Couples and under 24's

    Available for all standards of accommodation

    Includes: Accommodation, 6 day Lift Pass and Event Pass.

    Our shared accommodation packages are designed to give you the opportunity to come to EGSW and stay in whatever standard of accommodation that you want, without having to take on the cost of whole apartment or a single occupancy hotel room.

    If you take one of these packages we arrange for you to share the accommodation of your choice with other guests who also wish to stay in the same standard of accommodation.