EGSW Shortcodes Doc

Room Price

Room Price per person


Room Price total


Room Price total when purchased with the event pass (bundled)


Room Price per person when purchased with the event pass (bundled) on women's site (4)


Package Price

Package Total, default room


Package for accommodation only, all options removed, default room


Package price total, with options included


Package price for accommodation only, all options removed


Best Price for Hotel

Best price of all rooms for one unique Hotel Id


Best price for all rooms for an array of Hotel Ids


Full Price Table for "Room"

Price per person
1- Single Occupancy
2 People Sharing
3 People Sharing
4 People Sharing
5 People Sharing
6 People Sharing

10% off for a full house!

Prices are per person and include 7-night self-catering accommodation. Prices don’t include any other option.

Attributes: hotel_id, bundled, fullhouse