Student and under 23's

299€ (£240)

including your

Accommodation, Event Pass & Lift Pass

Spent all your student loan on energy drinks and kebabs to get you through those exams? Fear not, even the most impoverished student will not be left on the couch this winter as The European Gay Ski Week is offering probably the best deal you will ever find anywhere for a weeks Boarding or Skiing let alone with the bonus of top DJ's, clubs parties, fit men and women that will be out in Alpe d'Huez through 16th to 23rd March 2013.

So turn off T4 and go borrow your mate's Oakleys and get out to Alpe d'Huez

For 299€ (£260)  you get your accommodation, event pass and lift pass, then a whole load more, with the best DJ's from the Gay Scene round the world mixing it up for some of the most famous gay clubs there are, who are going be with us for the whole week..... and you don't even have to pay to get into anything as your event pass covers it all, plus on top of that you'll get at around 4 free drinks every day.

Just so you know how good this deal is:

Here's the sums

Normal cost of event pass

Cost of lift pass to other European Gay Ski Week passholders

Cost of accommodation 25% of a four person studio

Total cost if bought without student / under 23's deal 

Cost because you are a student or under 23

Your Total Savings                                                                               

120.00€ (£ 96)

208.00€ (£166)

109.75€  (£ 87)

437.75€ (£350)

299.00€ (£240)

138.75€ (£111)
Follow this link for info about getting to Alpe d'Huez

How it works

You can book this Student and under 23's deal whether you are a single person a couple or a group of people and we have apartments that can sleep between 4 and eight people. However the majority of the apartments are 4  person studio's.

If you are a single person making a booking you will be allocated a place in an apartment sharing with between three and seven other people, who most likley will have booked this offer on thier own as well.

If you are a couple or a group of three making a booking then the additional empty places will be allocated randomly to other people who have booked the student / under 23's offer.

If you are a group of four people and make one booking for all four of you or book individually quoting the booking reference of the first person who booked in the box provided, then all four of you will be put in the same studio.

If you are a group of more than four people you need to book as set out  in the paragraph above 'If you are a group of four people' then once the first four have completed thier booking, the other members of your group proceed and make thier bookings quoting the booking reference of the first person in your group to book in the box provided. If there is up to eight of you, we will, if there is an apartment of that size available, arrange for you all to share one apartment. However this cannot be guaranteed and your group may be split between two apartments with some of you sharing with people from outside your group. 

You have one or more friends that want to come but you have already made your booking. If after you have booked you have a friend or friends who want to come, all your friend(s) need to do is to quote your booking reference in the box provided and we will allocate them a place in the same apartment as you.  If more friends of the occupants apply to share an apartment than there is a capacity for in the apartment, then the sharing places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. 

If one of your friends is not a student or under 23 they can still share your accommodation as long as there is at least 4 of you (including the person / people that are over 23) by booking the ''special offer' then entering your booking reference.

Please note when you are making a booking for the student offer only select from the special offer tab on the first section of the booking module, if you try to select a particular accommodation it will not work.

The Studio's and the Apartments
The Student / under 23's Studio's or apartments will be located in amoungst our residences (most probably the L'ours Blanc residence) all of which are all close to the centre of Quartiers de Jeux, within a couple of minutes walk to the shops and restaurants and no more than 300 metres to the nearest ski lift. You will be notified the week before your arrival of the specific residence where you will be staying.

All the accommodation will have a fully equipped small kitchen. Shower or bath and single beds. The exact layout and size of the studio's or apartments will vary from one residence to another. Bed linen, towels and TV are included. It is possible that the residence may only have 2 keys for each of the studio's or apartments  and they will need to be shared between all the occupants.
Please be aware we will be asking for proof of age or proof that you are a student (your university enrolement card) and if you cannot provide this you will not be allowed access to the accommodation without paying the difference between the student deal and the special offer. By under 23 we mean that you must be no older than 22 on the 16th March 2013.


This deal can only be booked on our website. If you have found the above completely unintelligible please call us on 020 7183 0823 Option 1